How does the free trial work? 


If you want to give our App service a trial run, simply visit the Free Trial page in the toolbar above. The easy sign up process is outlined there, along with details about payment and cancellations.


Is there a minimum contract period after the trial period?


For the Annual package:

When you choose this option, you will benefit from a full year of service from the Your App.

There is no effort to renew your service, as we automatically renew your service a year after you start with us. To keep you informed, an email reminder will be sent 14 days before the renewal date, so you don't wonder where that money has gone!


If you decided that you wish to cancel, just make sure you do it more than one hour before the renewal time!

For the Monthly package:


A month of use is guaranteed, with your contract auto-renewing on the first of each month​.


Please note that for this option, we require 24 hours notice to cancel your service before the first of the month.

What if I took advantage of one of the Promotional Offers?

From time to time we have promotional offers which state the minimum period on the package. Just check the information that was sent when you signed up for the offer!


Do I need to leave a Credit Card or Direct Debit when I order?


In order to make the process of taking payment easier after your trial period ends, we take your card details. We use Stripe for Debit and Credit Cards payments, ensuring security for your details.


The card will not be charged if you cancel during the trial.



How do I send the link to my guests?


You simply fill out a 4-field distribution form, provided by us, to create a link to your app.


Our 'Easy Push' system sends the guest a link using a text message. Your guest clicks on the link they receive to download your app, using the Google Play Store or the App Store.

What is an 'Easy Push' system?

In simple terms, 'Easy Push' is a system where you can share the app from your dashboard, without having to create your own link.


Why do you use text messages and not email?


We need the user to ensure they open your app link on their mobile phone.


If we use email, there is a chance that the user will try to open your app on their computer, where there is limited access to Apple or Google Play stores.



Who pays for the text messages?


We pay for the texts!

However, we have a Fair Use Policy that does limit you to 350 texts per year. This almost covers a new guest every day of the year, so it should be plenty for you!

We reserve the right to send adverting links with the text messages to cover costs.


What hidden costs are there?


None, the £1.50 a week in the Annual package covers all costs including VAT, the text messages and the maintenance of your app.


The same applies for the Monthly package as well.


If I sell my property and want to cancel my app - how much notice do you need?


So long as you have paid for the current year or month, you can cancel any time and we will turn off your app.


Please click here if you wish to cancel Your App


How do I make amendments to my App?

We advise using Dropbox for your general property information such as history of the property and area, WiFi code, appliance manuals and house rules, as you can then make changes at will. We let you control the information you want to share!

For other changes such as contact details, app content or if you would like to change your property image, we will provide you with a link to our editing portal to make the changes free of charge, as many times as you like.

If you would like us to make the changes for you, please complete this form. We charge £25 plus VAT payable before the work is done.


Do I or my guests need an Internet connection?

The app requires an internet connection to operate at all times